Saturday, April 15, 2017

Take This Cup From Me

"Abba, Father! All things are possible for You; take this cup away from Me; but not what I will, but what You will." ~ Mark 14:36

I've read and heard this passage many times. Today, it really sunk in.

Jesus was 100% human and 100% divine. I've known that too on a basic level.

This week I've really reflected on my humanness and the way I handle the stresses of my life; the small things and the big things.

As I sat this morning reading the Word, I stopped on that verse and really thought about it. For a moment, I imagined myself in Jesus' place. What would I do? What would I feel? Just thinking about it was overwhelming. Nothing in my life is even comparable to what Jesus was facing.

In that moment I realized my very human feelings were probably close to what Jesus was feeling. The big difference is I was just imagining it Jesus was living it. He knew what was to come; He knew of the great pain and suffering. In a 100% human moment, He cried out to His Father, Abba, to save Him.

How many times have I cried out in the same way over something much less daunting? How many times have I sidestepped God's plan because I found it to be just too much to bear? How many times have I not said, "but what You will"??

Jesus could have done what I have done so many for the hills! Decide my situation is just too great and there's no way I could handle what was in front of me. When I connect that Jesus was 100% human, I realize He was probably pretty scared. If He didn't think what was in front of Him was overwhelming, why would He call out to His Father? He probably had every single emotion I imagine I would have.

He made a choice to have faith, to submit and ultimately give the greatest gift of love that could ever be given. Not just for His best friends, or His family, but for ALL, for me and for you.

Thank you, Jesus, for not running away. Thank you for bearing the cross, for dying, so that I may live.