Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Before and After

What to write, what to write.  So much for "every day".  Ah well, moving on.

Google is my friend, I LOVE the Google!!  I love the fact that I can have a thought, run to the computer, type in said thought and presto magic, I have my answer!!  Here's how it worked this time:

I am on Facebook, on the right I notice a couple of my friends "like" Nikki Sixx (um, who doesn't??).  Seeing that, makes me wonder, again, "Hmm, I wonder what happen with him and Kat von D" ~scratches head pondering~.  Oh look The Google!!  I type in "why did nikki sixx and kat von d break up",  63,400 results!!  Just so you know, they took the high road and aren't dishing the dirt.  Bor.ing.

As I was reading the comments below the article, on meanie say "Wonder if he was mad at her botched plastic surgery"?  (One said it's because she's too old now, LOL).  Of course botched plastic surgery led to my next Google, "kat von d before and after".  So, I ended up here, and that gave me the idea for my musings today!!

My first thought after looking at those pictures (you did look at the pictures right???), was "Good Maude, step away from the plastic surgery"!!  My second was how sad it is that people do not seem to believe in aging with grace.  Plus, the more money you have, the worse the plastic surgery decisions get, apparently!  Seriously, just, NO.  There is a lot to be said about natural beauty, even simply enhancing that beauty with a bit of make-up.  But some of the things women (and men) do in the name of beauty are just beyond me.  Why can they not look in the mirror and see the beauty that's already there?!  Really, everyone is beautiful in their own way (isn't that a song??), some need a little more tweekin' than others, but again, that is what make-up is for!!  (Sorry ugly men, can't help you).

A few years ago, I kind of freaked out about the whole aging thing.  I caught myself looking at 20somethings and "remembering when" I looked like a 20something.  It really was a miserable time, though one of the good things about me is I always try to find the positive in everything.  So what exactly is positive about aging??  What is so fantastic about wrinkles?  Body parts moving South?  Grey hair?  I will share with you what I think makes them so great.

When I look at myself in the mirror,  one of the first things I see is this deep crease between my eyes.  I squint, a lot.  But every time I see that crease, I try to remember some of the things I have seen that has made that crease so visible.  The crows feet and laugh lines, show just how much I have laughed in life thus far.  Sagging breasts fed three children that I love with all my heart.  (Ok, honestly, I can.not think of a positive for the derriere going South, or getting wider, gah!!!).  I actually look forward to my hair changing to grey, but I'm hoping it goes white!!  I love older women that have beautiful white hair!  I have been on this Earth almost 40 years, and I will probably be here a while longer.  I could sit and focus on the negative things about "getting old", but I really have no desire to do that for another 25+ years.

Think of life as a journey and your body is a map.  Each line and grey hair comes from a moment in time, some good some bad.  If you had not laugh lines, it would come at a great price don't you think??  To each his own and all that, but I really admire people who just age and not fight it every step of the way.  If we are very lucky, we have people in our lives that don't care that we are aging.  They won't suddenly love us less because we are 40something and not 20something.

So who is with me?  Let's make a pact, "I promise to grow old with grace.  I will not do stupid procedures trying to recapture my youth.  And I will smack my friends that get off track".  So it is said, so it is written.


I would not change the after for all the befores in the world!!