Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who Needs a Real Life When We Have FaceBook??

It is a new phenomenon, peoples worlds are changed when FaceBook revamps its' format.  I had to sit and laugh the last couple of days at all the bitching and moaning going on.  I mean, really, it's FB people.  It changed, big deal, move.on.

Then, I found myself irrationally upset that I kept getting notifications for two certain friends.  It's not that I don't care, but really, 14 notifications because SoandSo went there with someone I don't know, or care to know?  14??  Last week, if I cared, I could scroll down the news feeds and see who was doing/thinking what.  If I was really interested in what someone was doing, I could go to their page.  Back in the day, getting a little "2" above the notification button was exciting!!  Now, it has lost it's thrill, it makes me sad (and annoyed).  I have unchecked, unsubscribed and all but blocked/unfriended these people.  And I swear to Maude that if I get another notification, because I don't know how to opt out of that, I'll SCREAM.

Now, you make me look at some little scrolling dealy on the right to see status updates, but you still show me status updates in the middle but they seem to be limited to the lamest things on the planet.  Of course in the little scrolling dealy, I now know that SoandSo posted to her bff's comment about having a bad day.  It is more information that I need, and NONE that I actually want.

There is probably some simple solution to this, but it is beyond me.  There are more list in more categories. I'm surprised that they haven't separated my friends into Jocks, Stoners, Fakers and Hippies (now that, I could get behind).  But they put some people in a "Close Friends" list and it made me laugh.  Dude, I haven't talked to her in y.e.a.r.s we are not close.  Somewhere, it did ask me who was in my family, ADD+, how many of you wished you could do that in real life??  "You're in the family, you're in the family, opps, sorry, you didn't make the cut.  Try harder and well see next week".

The security aspect I haven't even thought about, because, well, I haven't gotten that far in the process.  I'm sure something has changed, because when FB re-formats, all our laundry seems to be made public.  There isn't a lot I put "out there" that I want kept secret.  Seriously, if you type it into the securest secure place on the internets, it's still on the internets.  But I do have pictures of my kids, and I sometimes get caught up in the "some weirdo is going to copy and paste your kids picture and do weird things with it".  That kinda freaks me out, because of course, as a mom, I start thinking, "Well, what if they decide that's just the most adorable child they have ever seen and go to his school and nab him"??!  Lucky for me, I'm pretty sure they would immediately return Mav and William...Austin might be kept longer until they realize he's not going to do a.thing. unless they have Xbox, or there is money involved.

Just about the time we all get our feathers smoothed and are lovin' the FB again, they'll change something. ~sigh~  Apparently they missed the memo about "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  It was such a simple concept when it started, a perfect concept even.  Why try to improve on perfect??  But like I told a fb friend, next week (though it might take a month since so much changed) we won't even remember what it changed from and it will just be "normal" fb again. ~meh~  We gotta have something to bitch about though, and if it really is the fb format that is our biggest bitch of the day, life is pretty darn good!